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Creative commons image by rmb3588photo.

For the Fungi anthology, we asked contributors to tell us why they had written about fungi. Today, Polenth Blake answers this question. We also talk about how her story ended in our anthology.

Who is she?

Polenth Blake lives where the mushrooms bloom in autumn. She has two pet cockroaches, except on Fridays, when they get to be in charge. Her fiction has appeared in Nature and ChiZine. Her website lurks at

Why write about fungi?

When our fungal overlords finally reveal themselves, I’ll point them to my stories and say I was there for them. I understood. (And sorry for all those mushrooms I put into stir-fries, but they were meaty and delicious.)

Why Polenth?

We didn’t get that many funny fungal stories and the ones we did get did not have the sort of dark humour we were looking for. Polenth, however, got the mixture we wanted right. “Letters to a Fungus” is exactly date: a series of letters from a disgruntled home owner to a fungus that is wrecking havoc on her life.

As an aside, Polenth has a mushroom avatar on Twitter. That made her east to remember and she became the Mushroom Girl in our mind. We are still not certain she is not a gigantic mushroomwith a laptop.

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