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Creative Commons photo by marydoll1952

For the Fungi anthology, we asked contributors to tell us why they had written about fungi. Today, Laird Barron answers this question. We also talk about how his story ended in our anthology.

Who is he?

Laird Barron is the author of several books, including The Imago Sequence, Occultation, and The Croning. His work has appeared in many magazines and anthologies. An expatriate Alaskan, Barron currently resides in Upstate New York.

Why write about fungi?

Below is Laird’s answer to our question:

I’ve always suffered an acute fascination with the vampiric or parasitical properties of certain insects and fungi.In response to this fascination, I’ve written stories such as “Bulldozer” and “a strange form of life” that explore the carnivorous and insidious nature of lifeforms that are neither plant nor animal. “Gamma” is another piece of the creepy mosaic.

Why Laird?

In a very short time, Laird Barron has established a reputation as one of the finest modern purveyors of contemporary Lovecraftian horror, and, as he mentions, he’s written stories about fungal terrors before, so he was one of the first people we approached to do a story for Fungi. We were expecting something brilliant, but not anything as brutal as “Gamma,” a beautiful gut-punch of cosmic decay that closes out the paperback and e-book versions of Fungi.

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