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Creative Commons photo by eyeweed

For the Fungi anthology, we asked contributors to tell us why they had written about fungi. Today, Ian Rogers answers this question. We also talk about how his story ended in our anthology.

Who is he?

Ian Rogers is a writer, artist, and photographer. His short fiction has appeared in several publications, including Cemetery Dance, Supernatural Tales, and Shadows and Tall Trees. He is the author of the Felix Renn series of supernatural-noirs (“supernoirturals”), including “Temporary Monsters,” “The Ash Angels,” and “Black-Eyed Kids” from Burning Effigy Press. His most recent book, a collection of dark fiction called Every House Is Haunted, will be available in Fall 2012 from ChiZine Publications.

Ian lives with his wife in Peterborough, Ontario. For more information, visit

Why write about fungi?

Below is Ian’s answer to our question:

Because I’m a fun guy. Also because I was one of the first people Orrin Grey told about his idea for a fungus anthology years ago. He asked me to write him a Felix Renn story if he ever found a publisher interested in the project, and I was only too happy to be oblige. Specifically though, in terms of horror monsters, I think fungus is highly underrated. This is probably because fungus grows best in the dark, so people tend not to notice it. In essence, this book is really as much a fungus charity anthology as much as it is about fungus itself. I think all the proceeds should go toward fungi awareness. Is there such a thing as Fungi Aid? If not, there should be.

Why Ian?

As he mentioned, Ian was another of the Canadian trio (along with Simon Strantzas and Richard Gavin) who were present the first time Orrin ever pitched the idea that would become Fungi. When the time came to start putting the book together, we knew we wanted to explore some different types of fungal stories. One of Ian Rogers’ “supernoirtural” Felix Renn tales sounded like it would fit the bill perfectly, and he delivered us a story of detectives, blue fungus, and some real estate with a few unwelcome problems.

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