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For the Fungi anthology, we asked contributors to tell us why they had written about fungi. Today, Chadwick Ginther answers this question. We also talk about how his story ended in our anthology.

Who is he?

Chadwick Ginther is a bookseller who lives in Winnipeg. His novel Thunder Road releases in Fall 2012. In addition to this anthology, his short fiction has appeared in On Spec and Tesseracts. He refuses to eat mushrooms.

Why write about fungi?

Why write about mushrooms? I’ve always had an antagonistic relationship with them as food. Turning them into monsters is sweet revenge for every time someone has ordered them on pizza or baked them in lasagna and then told me that I could “pick them out”. You never get them all, so they make perfect villains.

Why Chadwick?

Chadwick’s story is “First They Came for the Pigs.” It is one of the stories that is illustrated in the hardcover. It’s also probably the only sword-and-sorcery story we received, though we did have some other secondary-world submissions.

“First They Came for the Pigs” takes what might be the beginning of an RPG game – group of people meet to go on a sort-of quest – and turns into something much darker than you might expect. A merchant and a group of mercenaries take a trip to the Undercity in an effort to catch a mysterious enemy. There are mushrooms.

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