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Creative Commons image by Jane Mitchinson.

For the Fungi anthology, we asked contributors to tell us why they had written about fungi. Today, A.C. Wise answers this question. We also talk about how her story ended in our anthology.

Who is she?

A.C. Wise was born and raised in Montreal, and currently lives in the Philadelphia area. Her work has appeared in publications such as Future Lovecraft, ChiZine, Clarkesworld, and The Best Horror of the Year Vol. 4. In addition to her fiction, she co-edits the online ‘zine, the Journal of Unlikely Entomology, along with Bernie Mojzes. The author can be found online at

Why write about fungi?

There are so many reasons: it’s beautiful, it’s deadly, it’s delicious, it can induce dreams and nightmares, and if you eat the right kind, I understand you’ll end up ten feet tall. There’s something endlessly fascinating about fungi; it’s other-worldly, and rich with fictional possibilities, yet the truth of fungi is frequently stranger than fiction. Aside from all that, this particular story is one I’d been wanting to write, and trying to write, for years, and it finally kicked loose. Fruiting bodies, indeed!

Why A.C. Wise?

There were several stories in our inbox that dealt with hallucinations. Fewer of them that dealt with dreams. “Where Dead Men Go To Dream” tackled the oniric world, but rather than taking the path of exploring nightmares, it was a story focused on love and regret. It is a bittersweet story rather than the straight horror found in some of the other tales.

A.C. Wise was not unknown to us. She had already appeared in Future Lovecraft with “Venice Burning,” which will be adapted as an audio- recording by Pseudopod. Her fiction has a fragile, moving quality to it.

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